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Medusa Book Club with Katherine Marsh

April 28, 4 pm6 pm.

Come out for this special event for Medusa, the newest mythological title from KATHERINE MARSH! Think you know the story of Medusa? Think again! When two siblings discover they’re descended from the great Gorgon herself, they embark on a journey to clear her name! KATHERINE MARSH will be in conversation with 11 year-old Bookstagrammer Paige of @PagesforPaige!

In Medusa, when a confrontation in class ends in the accidental freezing of a classmate, Ava’s parents send her to the Accademia del Forte, a boarding school in Venice especially for children who are descended from mythological monsters. There, Ava and her brother, Jax, discover they are part Gorgon, and have been sent to the school to learn to control their emotions — and their powers. But not everything at the Accademia is as it seems. Ava soon realizes the school is hiding a secret, one that could change the way the students view history — and themselves — forever. To uncover the truth, Ava and her new friends embark on an adventure that takes them to where their relative Medusa is imprisoned, to the underworld, and finally to Mount Olympus, where Ava discovers the real story of her “monster” ancestor. But will Ava make it out alive to share her story with the world?



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