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Whale of Tale!

June 10, 2 pm4 pm.

What is the largest animal to ever live? A dinosaur? An ancient marine reptile? Nope! Blue whales are unbelievably massive and weigh as much as 30 elephants, with an aorta large enough to crawl through and a heart the size of a car. In this amazing in-depth lesson, we will dive into the world of cetaceans and uncover their incredible evolutionary story, anatomy, adaptations, intelligence and meet the people who are risking their lives to conserve these gentle giants! The class will include a baleen feeding technique demonstration, a fluke ID activity, a save-the-whales poster decorating challenge and students will get to send questions to a member of the Sea Shepherd’s world-renowned activist team! ​Spots are limited.
​​​​​​​Ages: 9-13 (drop-off)