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The Deepest Breath

Tickets start at $9

The Deepest Breath, based on the book by Meg Grehan, adapted and directed by Cheyenne Mesura, centers on Stevie, a young girl who LOVES to read. After realizing that there are so many things to learn about, Stevie begins to experience anxiety. As her anxious thoughts start to take over, Stevie begins to focus on learning about EVERY creature in the ocean in hope that she can unravel her thoughts and make sense of these new feelings.

There is just one thing that Stevie can’t stop thinking about…why does she gets a fizzy feeling in her stomach when she looks at her friend Chloe?

Audiences are invited to join Stevie on a bubbling, aquatic adventure of acceptance and self-love as her curiosity leads her to uncover more about the world and herself. Told through theater and dance, The Deepest Breath is an inquisitive and honest story that welcomes you to be brave in a world full of unknowns.

Recommended for ages 9-13


248 W. 60th St. NY, NY 10023
New York, NY 10023 United States