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Summer Art Workshops

June 15, 4:30 pm6:30 pm.
This is your chance to preview what One River camps has to offer your child this summer.  Try out the most popular camp, create unique works of art, and learn more about the summer camp program. Advanced registration required.
PLANETARY PAINTINGS, Grades K-2: Students will examine relevant concepts in astronomy and cosmology inspiring them to create renderings of what they imagine beyond planet Earth.Learn how to use watercolor, acrylic, and collage. Complete a mixed media painting of your own galaxy.
Students will learn the foundations of drawing and become familiar with the graphite medium. Students will learn how to render the human eye, nose, and mouth naturalistically. Learn how to use graphite pencils, blending stumps and kneaded erasers. Demonstrate how to draw realistic features in correct proportions.
STREET ART PAINTING: SPRAY PAINT, Grades 6-12: Students will create a street art painting to convey a message after learning about the various impacts of public art.Learn how to use spray paint and acrylic paint in a larger scale. Demonstrate how to make custom stencils and various spray painting techniques.