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SOLILUNA: A Magical Voyage Thru 5 Continents

May 28, 2 pm.
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SOLILUNA:  a magical voyage thru 5 continents of the world is an interactive bilingual (Spanish/English) multicultural theatrical performance piece with international music which includes puppets which morph into actor/dancers, video-projections, original art and animation.  It is based on folktales featuring the sun and the moon.  This project is designed not only to entertain the whole family, but also to educate us about our similarities, cultural diversity, and the creativity of the human spirit.  

Since the beginning of time, people created tales and stories that attempted to explain the sun and the moon.  These folktales were passed down verbally from generation to generation, each culture having its own version.  The principal characters in this piece, Sun and Moon, appear in the form of puppets, actor/dancers and animated characters as friends, siblings, spouses, heroes and villains in these folktales.  Throughout the production there are two other actors that portray different characters that are puppets, actor/dancers and animated characters.  
The five folktales that we have selected are from Nigeria, Spain, Tonga, India, and Mexico.  They have been curated, adapted, and directed by Danisarte’s Producing Artistic Director Alicia Kaplan. The original artwork for the video was created by Panamanian/Venezuelan artist Leandro Comrie-Pepin, and the original puppets were created by Cuban/Puerto Rican artist Elaine Mendez-Torres.


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