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Shigeto Koyama CCMS Experiment Obake

Nov. 9 – Dec. 22, 11 am – 6 pm,
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SMEJ) is launching their new “Art × Entertainment” project, which aims to expand the appreciation of art in previously unexplored directions, honor unique talents, and create a platform for the artistic essences of key contemporary artists with its inaugural exhibition, “SHIGETO KOYAMA CCMS experiment OBAKE.” Through this project, SMEJ aims to cultivate an environment where art can thrive and explore uncharted territories, resulting in a vibrant intersection of art and entertainment.
In a rare, intimate opportunity, the renowned Koyama (HEROMAN, Rebuild of Evangelion, Kill la Kill, Gundam Reconguista in G, and Promare) will present a range of work from his critically acclaimed animated projects and expound on the creative processes at their genesis, though to him this is, “Not an ‘exhibition’ but an ‘experiment.’” Through this experiment, SMEJ aims to convey new frontiers of anime to a wider audience, free from the constraints of the traditional boundaries of contemporary art. The goal is to bring new perspectives and value to the realm of “anime.”

Mr. Koyama’s impressive creative scope includes character design for anime, manga, games, and figures. His contributions span various roles, such as concept, color design, and art direction. Simultaneously, his creations transcend the boundaries of animation and offer insights into the values of art and design. Mr. Koyama’s artistic approach to animation showcases that anime is not merely entertainment or limited to children’s media, but a world of art unto itself.

“This exhibition is not meant to showcase my individual achievements; instead, it’s an experimental endeavor to showcase the collective collaborations with various creative talents.” – Shigeto Koyama
The exhibition begins with an emphasis on Mr. Koyama’s distinctive multidisciplinary roles to provide a deeper understanding of animated works as “mass-produced products born from collaborative efforts,” underscoring the unique humanity involved in its creation. Mr. Koyama explains, “I would like to showcase various facets of the role of a ‘designer’ in animation. I hope to convey the more intriguing aspects of ‘animation production’ and ‘design’ in a comprehensible manner.”


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