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Musical Ears

This event has already taken place.Mondays, 3 – 6 pm, through Dec. 19, 2022;
Musical Ears aims to introduce kids to the joy of music! Through sonic discovery, they will learn fundamental musical concepts such as harmony, rhythm, ear training, and melody while being introduced to music culture and history. Our students will learn to appreciate music at an early age and enjoy its many benefits (artistic, educational, personal, and social) without the frustration of private music lessons. We learn in an interactive play-based group setting.
Our mission is to cultivate musicianship, arts, and culture in our community starting with our kids.
Directed by Latin Grammy Nominated artist and composer, Mr. Gabriel Chakarji and Afterschool Collective Founder Jessica Sims.
The program is a progressive series of 10 themed weeks where the kids learn the introductory concepts, listen to music from around the world, and also have special guest talks from some of New York City’s leading artists who are also passionate educators.
Introduction to the basic elements of music (Harmony, Rhythm, and melody)
Ear training
Understanding “Form”, the musical structure of a song
Introduction and analysis of a variety of music styles ranging from Classical, World music, Popular music, and Jazz.
Learning how the different instruments sound and recognizing with in a song
    • Drop in Session: $105
    • Full Semester: $1260 (which works out to be $90 per session)
  • Location: 1145 47th Ave Long Island City NY 11101


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