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Mind Body RESET – a Pilates & Self Care event for Overwhelming Parents

March 28, 7:30 pm9 pm.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?  Is the amount of things you need to get done is crushing you? Do you sometimes snap at your kids with the slightest provocation? Research shows that achieving mind-body connection is not only good for us physically, but also gives us mental clarity and helps relieve stress. In this event, you will learn 5 steps to help managing the feeling of ovewhelm.   Pilates practice brings exercise and movement which increases feel-good endorphins and along with it’s focus on breathing can help calm the nervous system and lower the stress hormone cortisol. Join therapist and coach, Christine Forte & master Pilates teacher, Janet Li Patel at this event. For further information, please reach out at [email protected]


369 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231 United States