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Hands-on History: Trekkies, Unite!

May 4, 1 pm4 pm.

You may be wondering, why in the galaxy would King Manor Museum be dedicating an event to Star Trek?

Star Trek debuted in 1966 as an intergalactic adventure series following the USS Enterprise on its 23rd century expeditions. Characters like Captain Kirk and Spock have become iconic in popular culture, with Spock being the logical center for the show. Spock, a Vulcan alien, had a human mother, Amanda Grayson. Grayson was played by Rufus King’s third great granddaughter, Jane Wyatt!

Celebrate Jane and the show that paved the way for diverse storytelling on television (as well as television’s first on screen interracial kiss). Solve Spock’s logic puzzles and make your own Star Trek COMM badge!

This event is free and open to the public. Advanced registration encouraged!


150-03 Jamaica Ave.
Jamaica, NY 11432 United States