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April 27, 12:30 pm3 pm.
$20 per family

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who smiles more at the LLOVE OF LLAMAS event…the llamas or the people who meet them! After all, who couldn’t fall in love with these incredible creatures? Join the sanctuary for this rare opportunity to meet and interact with miniature Argentinian, Bolivian, Chilean & Peruvian Llamas! Rowanwood Farm and Eco Acres will discuss the many variations of llamas and help you learn about their origins, fiber types and patterns. You’ll see how llamas are highly intelligent and social animals with excellent survival skills, how their thick coats allow them to thrive in cool climates and their gentle humming allows them to communicate with their herd. And don’t forget to take some time to be creative and have fun at the LLAMA CRAFT BOOTH. There are just so many reasons to Llove those Llamas!

This is a non-refundable / non-transferable event.  In the case of inclement weather on April 27th, this event will be postponed to the indicated rain date of April 28th, same time.



8 Commerce Rd.
Newtown, Ct 06470