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June 10, 3 pm9 pm.

The Rama spawns a dazzling, carnivalistic playhouse that brings together everyone from suit-n-tie corporate executives to enchanting artists who will push the limits of your perception. Chashama has hand-picked a brilliant array of artists from a huge range of disciplines. Attendees will swirl in an absolute sea of sensation, with 50 stationary artists and 30 roaming artists.

Delirious Hair Designs is a performance during which audience members will receive a fantastical hair design, using everything from flowers to googly eyes to mousetraps. Another must-see performance is Dillon’s Rose Garden, during which the artist will transform two models into human rose bushes, using Shibari rope-tying techniques and live floral arrangements. If that weren’t enough to tempt you, fire artist Flambeaux is orchestrating an oracle experience, during which audience members will receive the answers to their prayers through burning candles and melting wax. These examples are only a small taste of what Chashama has in-store for their guests; attend the Rama and discover the labyrinth of interactive art and sensory delight that you’ve been dreaming about.