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CAMP x Clixo Magnetic Building Experience

This event has already taken place.Nov. 20, 2023 – Dec. 17, 2023, 10 am – 8 pm,
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Clixo, the award-winning magnetic and flexible building toy, has partnered with CAMP, The Family Experience Company, to launch an interactive experience for kids and families inside CAMP Columbus Circle store. The holiday installation features a magnetic building wall filled with Clixo pieces for visitors to play, explore their creativity, and show off their Clixo creations. CAMP counselors will be teaching visitors about Clixo and how it can turn from 2D shapes into an endless variety of 3D creations. The activation will also include a school of over 100 Clixo fish floating above CAMP’s magical cabin, celebrating the recent release of the Clixo Ocean Creatures Pack. The collaboration invites all guests to build creatively and let their imaginations run free!