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Bear Mountain Cruise

This event has already taken place.Saturdays and Sundays, 9 am – 5 pm, through Nov. 12;
NYC bear man

Take a fifty-mile cruise up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain State Park while enjoying autumnal sights and Oktoberfest-themed experience, including German food specials, Oktoberfest beers (available for purchase) and live music. Their huge, outdoor decks are perfect for getting some fall sun, fresh air and 360-degree views. The Hudson River Cruise goes under two of the most impressive bridges in New York State, the mighty George Washington Bridge and the modern Mario Cuomo Bridge, aka Tappan Zee Bridge. You’ll pass Hook Mountain, which rises to nearly 800 feet straight up from the Hudson River with sheer cliffs, covered in bright autumn foliage, surrounded by ravens, hawks, ospreys and the occasional Bald Eagle before arriving at Bear Mountain. Once you’re there you’ll be able to get out, walk around paved trails for two hours, enjoying the main Bear Mountain facility, the lake, the zoo and the Merry Go Round.

With a mix of 2 different bands this year, traveling up the Hudson has never sounded better! You can expect Divining Rod to play both Americana and country rock, a heady mix of soulful originals and eclectic covers. Street Beats Brass Band adds an element of traditional Oktoberfest polka music plus a variety of classic hits and singalongs.

Weekend Schedule:
Sep 30 + Oct 1: Divining Rod
Oct 7 – Oct 9: Street Beats Brass Band
Oct 14 – Oct 15: Divining Rod
Oct 21 – Oct 22: Street Beats Brass Band
Oct 28 – Oct 29: Divining Rod
Nov 4 – Nov 5: Street Beats Brass Band
Nov 11 – Nov 12: Divining Rod


West 42nd St. and 12th Ave.
New York, United States